Saturday, May 02, 2015

Curvaceously Exhibit Event Photos First Friday May 2015

Left: Michael Garner, Middle: Still Lives by Allan Chow, Right: Allan Chow himself.
"Curvaceously Complete"
Paintings by Allan Chow ©
Exhibition ends: May 31st, 2015

Reactor Design Studio
1817 Grand Blvd
Curvaceously Complete
Deluxe and aromatic fruits lifted by their stems and settled by their cores supply a curvaceous and stoical presence on the brightly painted canvases. Light shadowing at their foundations contribute to an exactness of the fruits ample curves and opulent statures. Specifically created for the Reactor Design showing, Allan Chow’s still lives represent fullness and life embodied into one inclusive series of paintings titled “Curvaceously Complete.”
Paintings available for sale, send inquiries to
Visit us at for more samples of Allan's work.

Thank you for attending the opening reception and we hope to see you at another exhibit.

Reactor Design Studio team with Allan Chow 2015
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