Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Own an Allan Chow painting on the AIR

Sunset Filled Prairie, 24x30, $2850.00 framed, www.allanchow.com 2012
Sunset Filled Prairie, 24x30, www.allanchow.com 2012
Here is your opportunity to own a painting recently featured on KSHB 41's community profile. The painting is titled, "Sunset Filled Prairie." 24x30, oil on canvas.

To see or purchase this painting, please please provide us your details and a brief message below. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for visiting The Art Of Allan Chow.

To message the Artist - LINK or email us at info@allanchow.com

Thank you and have a wonderful day :-)

Majestic Prairie 24x30 by Allan Chow 2012

Here it is! Majestic Prairie is one of the latest paintings I finished. Started the painting at KVC's gala event and finally revealed the painting to the client last evening. They were delighted to see it finished in time for Christmas. Below are some images of the painting in progress at the event.
Majestic Prairie, 24x30, www.allanchow.com 2012

Allan Chow, Live Demo, Majestic Prairie, 24x30, www.allanchow.com 2012
To commission the Artist for your next project or to inquire about his work, please provide us your details and a brief message below. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for visiting The Art Of Allan Chow.

To message the Artist - LINK or email us at info@allanchow.com

Thank you and have a wonderful day :-)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Allan Chow - Community Profile KSHB 41

This month, I had the privilege to be interviewed by Elizabeth Alex, a lead anchor at KSHB 41 for their Community Profile segment. Hopefully this will be the beginning of my journey in life to inspire and encourage others to search deep for their calling and pursue their own dreams in life. Life is short and it is our duty in life to figure out our purpose in this lifetime. There is nothing more rewarding knowing that a legacy that you leave behind is one that benefit others, no matter your age, size, profession and skin color. We can all make a difference. Feel free to visit website for the story/video.

KSHB 41 link: http://www.kshb.com/dpp/about_us/community_affairs/profiles/painter-follows-heart-from-malaysia-to-kansas-city

To see some paintings of mine online, visit www.allanchow.com

Monday, December 03, 2012

Installation at Nuance 2012

This morning, Allan delivered a client their painting at Nuance Investments. Their painting finally revealed in their conference room. It was a great addition to their space. The perspective of the painting is a unique view of the city and provided them a guaranteed conversational piece for many years to come.

Allan's paintings belong to many important and prestigious corporate collections. His unique painting style and design brings the beauty of a cityscape, prairie and sky into our interior spaces. His paintings provide the unheard songs of the prairie, a magnificent view and horizon of the city filled with colorful shadows and bold paint strokes and an abstraction of the vast sky filled with energetic and spontaneous paint strokes that somehow brings life onto the canvas into our homes.

To commission Allan, please write him at info@allanchow.com or at http://www.allanchow.com/contact.html

Thank you for visiting:-)

Original painting by Allan Chow 2012, www.allanchow.com
Original painting by Allan Chow 2012, www.allanchow.com
Original painting by Allan Chow 2012, www.allanchow.com

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Paintings by Allan Chow

Best of Two, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)

Double the Cherries, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)

Forget me Not, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)

Lovely Pomegranate, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)

Mangosteen or Two, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)
Three Blueberries, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)
Brand new paintings off the easel this week. Available for sale at Artichokes and Etsy.
Do not miss out on my Etsy promotions running through the end of this year. Shop now at www.etsy.com/shop/allanchow

Happy Holidays

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Work by Allan Chow 2012

Here's a fun progress of this painting where I utilized a grid to simplify my efforts to transfer the sketch onto the large canvas. I use blue paint to develop values and textures. Lastly, layering colors while experimenting different approaches will help me achieve what it takes to finish the painting.

2012 KVC Health System Holiday Gala

Featuring live demo by Allan Chow auctioning off an original painting completed at the event. It was an unforgettable evening of live music and generous patrons coming together to support children in need.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Holiday Sale starts TODAY!

Exciting news! Today is the beginning of the holiday sale at my Etsy shop. Enjoy Free Shipping everything you see in the store. In addition, 40% OFF selected products in the CLEARANCE section. Hurry and start your shopping season early. 

Original Still Lives - ONLY $135.00 ea. (Clearance section)

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Go to shop now: (www.etsy.com/shop/allanchow)

***Note: Now accepting all major credit cards. Etsy account isn't necessary.

-Allan Chow

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Majestic Flint Hills Series Mailers

Mailers are off to the printer today. 

If you are ever lost as far as how your mailer layout design should look like. Simply incorporated design elements from your website or brand. In my opinion, cohesiveness is important. However, most importantly, choosing a design that allow your paintings to shine is the ultimate winner.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cup cakes for fun!

I never thought I would be painting cup cakes but it was a fun Thiebaud painting workshop by painting instructor Samantha Buller at Artichokes. We are fans of our works. She is a born artist and teacher. Hannah and I enjoyed the evening of wine and painting. It was so good to see some previous students of mine. I don't do this often but I should. It gives me an opportunity to try something new. Not surprising though, everyone did extremely well last night. Here are some pictures to brag about. Lets start with a collection of all the paintings that evening.
Line up of cupcake paintings from the workshop.
Hannah's painting is in progress. I have competition.
Hannah's cupcakes. Didn't know that she paints this well :-)
Her sketches cracked me up;-) How creative!

Here is our side of the table. Anne is working hard there in the white shirt.

Had some repetition in shapes from my brushstrokes to give it much interest visually.
Drew with a brush and I basically layered with an array of colors.
If you are interested in having a blast with a date or a group, you should definitely check out Artichokes located in Mission Farms. (105th & Mission Rd, KS) They are the kindest and talent people in town. More importantly, they continue to inspire people to dust off their paint brushes and easels and express themselves in a professional, gallery and warming ambiance over a glass of wine or two. What a great way to end the evening.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Subjective Landscape & Still Life exhibit

You are invited to an exhibit featuring Allan Chow's subjective landscapes and still lives at Blue Koi restaurant in Mission Hills, Leawood. The exhibit runs through the month of October, 2012. Feast your eyes to some of Allan's new paintings while enjoying one of Kansas City's most popular asian restaurants.

BLUE KOI, 10581 Mission Road, Leawood, KS 66206 (913) 383-3330
Hours:Mon - Thur: 11 am to 9:30 pm, Fri - Sat: 11 am to 10:30 pm 

Modern palette knife painter, Allan Chow invites us to a glimpse of his perpetual evolving landscapes and still lives. Inspired by Impressionism and his asian culture, Allan’s bold colors, paint strokes and irresistable textures sets him apart from his peers and made his paintings one of the most preferred and collected in the country today.

Allan’s eye-catching red stamp graces each of his landscapes, setting them apart from other works on gallery walls. In addition, it constantly reminds him
of his roots ,his native country and culture. If you are interested in purchasing, commissioning the Artist and/or viewing some samples of his paintings, visit his online gallery at www.allanchow.com. You can reach the Artist directly at info@allanchow.com.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Closer look at Prairie Sunrise, Allan Chow 2012

Prairie Sunrise, panel 1, 36x48, by Allan Chow 2012

Prairie Sunrise, panel 2, 36x48, by Allan Chow 2012

Prairie Sunrise, panel 3, 36x48, by Allan Chow 2012
Here is a closer look at this triptych painting individually. For this project, I had to paint all three canvases simultaneously to make sure that they line up on the wall. After investing in three easels and some c-clamps, it did the trick.
Prairie Sunrise in progress.
If you are interested in a print or prints of Prairie Sunrise, please contact me for pricing. As always, I look forward to working with you creating an original composition for your space. Feel free to contact me for a consultation. Its FREE!

Email: info@allanchow.com
Web: allanchow.com

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fiery filled sky, by Allan Chow 2012

Inspired by a previous painting, I find it productive to start a painting right after finishing one bc it helps to keep the momentum going b4 it is gone.
"Fiery filled Sky," 24x30, Oil on canvas by Allan Chow '12