Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Paintings by Allan Chow

Best of Two, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)

Double the Cherries, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)

Forget me Not, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)

Lovely Pomegranate, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)

Mangosteen or Two, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)
Three Blueberries, 12x12 Allan Chow 2012 (Price: $240.00)
Brand new paintings off the easel this week. Available for sale at Artichokes and Etsy.
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Happy Holidays

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Work by Allan Chow 2012

Here's a fun progress of this painting where I utilized a grid to simplify my efforts to transfer the sketch onto the large canvas. I use blue paint to develop values and textures. Lastly, layering colors while experimenting different approaches will help me achieve what it takes to finish the painting.

2012 KVC Health System Holiday Gala

Featuring live demo by Allan Chow auctioning off an original painting completed at the event. It was an unforgettable evening of live music and generous patrons coming together to support children in need.