Friday, October 19, 2012

Holiday Sale starts TODAY!

Exciting news! Today is the beginning of the holiday sale at my Etsy shop. Enjoy Free Shipping everything you see in the store. In addition, 40% OFF selected products in the CLEARANCE section. Hurry and start your shopping season early. 

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-Allan Chow

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Majestic Flint Hills Series Mailers

Mailers are off to the printer today. 

If you are ever lost as far as how your mailer layout design should look like. Simply incorporated design elements from your website or brand. In my opinion, cohesiveness is important. However, most importantly, choosing a design that allow your paintings to shine is the ultimate winner.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cup cakes for fun!

I never thought I would be painting cup cakes but it was a fun Thiebaud painting workshop by painting instructor Samantha Buller at Artichokes. We are fans of our works. She is a born artist and teacher. Hannah and I enjoyed the evening of wine and painting. It was so good to see some previous students of mine. I don't do this often but I should. It gives me an opportunity to try something new. Not surprising though, everyone did extremely well last night. Here are some pictures to brag about. Lets start with a collection of all the paintings that evening.
Line up of cupcake paintings from the workshop.
Hannah's painting is in progress. I have competition.
Hannah's cupcakes. Didn't know that she paints this well :-)
Her sketches cracked me up;-) How creative!

Here is our side of the table. Anne is working hard there in the white shirt.

Had some repetition in shapes from my brushstrokes to give it much interest visually.
Drew with a brush and I basically layered with an array of colors.
If you are interested in having a blast with a date or a group, you should definitely check out Artichokes located in Mission Farms. (105th & Mission Rd, KS) They are the kindest and talent people in town. More importantly, they continue to inspire people to dust off their paint brushes and easels and express themselves in a professional, gallery and warming ambiance over a glass of wine or two. What a great way to end the evening.